föstudagur, 4. desember 2009

Linsuvökvi í Lyfju

I am not good to write in Iceland, sorry.
The price of cleaning water for lenses. Last year, it was sold in Lyfja for circa 900 kr the big bottle, with a cleaning box. Now this is over 2000 and they sell the cleaning box, which was a “gift” before next to it, for 130 isk. Circa 120% increase in the price! And they are probably breaking the law by separating the box for the cleaning water and selling it.

4 ummæli:

  1. Lyfja is a ripoff, go to
    Lyfjaver Suðurlandsbraut 22

  2. Only stupid people go to Lyfja, Lyf og heilsa, Apótekarinn and Skipholtsapótek. They are owned by men who cheated our country and are investigated by the authorities.

  3. Go to Rimaapótek Grafarvogi, it is always the best price there.

  4. And mail the company that makes the fluid and tell them about the seperation.